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Hey, I'm RXM, a Producer & DJ from Boston MA USA. After a run as a club, rave, and soundclash DJ in jungle and dancehall scene of the early 'aughts, I've once again been bitten by the jungle bug.

My livestreams are focused on DJing, producing music, digging for new tracks, and sharing the tips, tricks, and all things Drum & Bass. I’m new to Twitch, but I’m looking forward to interacting with others, and providing as much value to the community as I can.


Prior to livestreaming, back when vinyl records and raves were still in vogue I DJ’d raves, soundclashes, and even the odd harbor cruise in the Northeastern US, from Boston to NYC and beyond. It’s sort of crazy to get back into the game after so many years away. I’ve dived into a whole new world of digital DJ performances and virtual crate digging, and I’m excited to bring you along for the ride, sharing new discoveries, and learning from you as well!

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